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Surfboard Blanks

Greenlight EPS BLANKS SHIP for the Lowest Cost ($39-$79 depending on your location)

US Blanks, Any orders of 2 or more blanks, and Stand Up Paddle Board Blanks ship to your local freight service center or a commercial business address for $125 (East Coast).
Blank shipments to your residence cost a bit more depending on your location, contact us for a shipping quote.

We can include all other materials ordered like resin, fiberglass, finboxes, and tools in the shipment for no additional shipping charges. 

Greenlight regularly ships blanks to Canada, Texas, the Great Lakes region, and the Mid West for reasonable rates. Contact us anytime for a shipping quote.

Quantity discounts available for orders over 6 blanks.

EPS Surfboard Blanks
Cheap Shipping to your door!