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Surfboard blank shipping 101

Long story short, it's kind of expensive to ship surfboard blanks. Freight companies would rather ship heavy pallets of steel than a big, light, fragile surfboard blank. So they charge extra for it...

At Greenlight we are always hussling to get the best shipping rates for our customers and have linked up with some frieght companies who give us decent deals and understand the importance of getting the blanks to you safely.

Greenlight is the only surfboard material supply company to take the time and energy to intelligently design surfboard blank packaging to reduce customers' shipping cost by up to 61% in most cases.

The secret to savings? We ship Greenlight EPS blanks unglued to save you the high oversized rate the shipping companies charge.

You glue it up, it takes about 5 minutes and it's easy, no special clamps needed. Video instructions here.

Here's the surfboard blank shipping deals we've worked out for you:

We Ship Greenlight EPS Blanks

to your door for crazy low shipping rates!

EPS surfboard blank
  • One* (1) Single Greenlight EPS Blank or EPX (EPS blank / Epoxy Resin) KIT
  • EPS Blank size 6'6" and below
  • Shipped to YOUR DOORSTEP
  • You glue up the blank halves and stringer (the secret to big savings on shipping costs)

$140 Flat Rate Freight Shipping to East Coast

Polyurethane (PU) Blanks [Quantity 1-12 blanks]

Polyurethane surfboard blanks
  • Qty 1-12 Polyurethane Blanks (US Blanks, SUP blanks, or combination of Greenlight EPS & Polyurethane blanks)
  • Shipped to a verified commercial address or your local freight center for pickup (most pickups are between 15-45 min drive)
  • Free large shipping boxes (other suppliers charge $25 per box)

Cost for EPS blank (per blank)

$35-$68 East Coast

$58-$70 Central Coasts [Great Lakes & Gulf Region]

$75-$80 West Coast

*If ordering more than 1 EPS blank or kit, please make separate orders for each blank so the low shipping costs below are available in the checkout. Or email us for freight quote.

The Cost for PU Blanks (per shipment 1-8 PU blanks)

$140 Flat Rate East Coast (Maine to Florida) & Central Coasts (Great Lakes & Gulf Region)

In some cases we can ship a single PU shortboard blank to your doorstep with FedEX so you don't have to pick up.

Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping.

Shipping Notes

Other items purchased with the blanks will be included in the shipment or shipped separately at no charge if they don't fit in the box

If shipping to a commerical address please provide the address as the shipping address.

If picking up at your local freight center please use your residental address and we will let you know where you'll be picking the blanks up upon shipping we will send you a tracking number and the freight center will call you when the blanks arrive.

Important Note about accepting shipments containing blanks

Please inspect the shipment and note any damage with the driver. Failure to do so will forfeit your insurance and we cannot assist you with a claim.

International Shipping

We ship most international orders with USPS to reduce customs fees and duty taxes for the customer.

Epoxy resin, Polyester resin, resin solvents, and surfboard blanks cannot be shipped internationally in the air. This includes Hawaii and Alaska.

Shipping to Canada

We ship most Canadian orders with USPS to reduce customs fees and duty taxes for the customer.

Shipping Resin to Canada

We DO ship resin and blanks to Canada via FedEx ground.

Shipping Resin via FedEx ground to Canada

Customs brokerage fees are included in the shipping cost shown online, duties and taxes are not.

Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping.