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Beginner Shaping Kits

Greenlight's Beginner Surfboard Shaping Kits Include all the Materials, Tools, Instruction, and Support

You Need to Start Shaping Your Surfing Experience!


Who, at one point, hasn't thought about shaping themselves a board? Most of us never try or we watch as our friends, our dads, or our friends' dads muddle around in their makeshift garage shaping shacks trying to produce something that's never even close to being ridable.

Greenlight Surfboard Supply, on the other hand, provides a pretty realistic option for building your own surfboard.

The kit includes an instructional Video set and all the materials you'll need to shape and glass your own board.

For someone who isn't so "handy" - and there are plenty of us out there - Greenlight makes the shaping process idiot proof, and that's the best endorsement I can give. If you need a project to suck up some of that weekend downtime during summer, give this a try.

~Evan FontaineSurfshot Magazine

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