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The Surfboard Shaping Starter Kit

Price: $398.95
Manufacturer: Greenlight

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(domestic US only, not valid for Canada orders)

Greenlight has assembled this deluxe surfboard building starter kit to make it easy for all surfers, of any age or ability, to build a quality, more sustainable, fun to ride surfboard. 
Haven't built a surfboard before? No Problem! We got you covered! 
Our instructional videos not only give you the knowledge and confidence to build great surfboards, but also go so far to show you situations to avoid during the building process that would normally ruin your efforts.
No expensive power tools necessary, no special shaping bay either. These videos get back to the basics of soulful garage shaping.

You'll definitely discover a deeper connection with your surfing experience and attain a new level of stoke riding surfboards you built with this kit!

Deluxe Kit Includes:
Greenlight's Instructional Shaping Video - FREE download with Kit
Evolved to instill knowledge and confidence to shape a great board your very first time
Greg Loeher's EPOXY 101 DVD - the Godfather of epoxy glassed surfboards shows you all the tricks!

Your Choice of EPS Blank:

        5 sizes to choose from

  •  5'9" for Hi Performacne shortboards
  •  5'10" for Fish, Biscuit, and high volume shortboards like the Dumpsterdiver
  •  6'3" for 5'10 - 6'3" fish style boards
  •  6'4" for 5'11" - 6'4" high performance shortboards
  •  6'6" for larger fishes, eggs, or anything up to 6'6"*
 *The 6'6 blank is specially designed for first time shapers with a little extra foam throughout lets you "get the feel" of shaping without ruining your board

Your Choice of Fin Setup:

Fins and finboxes sold separately so you have any choice you prefer:
SingleFin Box
Glass-on Fins

Kits Include:

7 yards 4 oz. E-glass
Standard glassing schedule of 2 layers deck / 1 layer bottom

Resin Research Epoxy Resin
Specifically formulated for surfboards

Resin Research Additive F (Sanding agent)
Makes sanding easier for you

EPS Blank Sealing Spackle

FCS Micro Leash Plug

4 Sheets Ink Jet / Laser Printer Custom Logo Paper

Create your own surfboard logos

*Bonus: 10 facts about Epoxy Resins to make it even easier Tip Sheet

Shaping Tool Kit

Dust Mask

Steel Shaping Rasp

Mini Stringer Trim Plane

Outline Handsaw

1 sheet Tigershark Shaping Paper

1 sheet Sandshark Sanding Screen for Rails

12" x 9" Foam Sanding Pad

Foam Padding for Shaping Racks

Simple Shaping Rack Dimensioned Plans

Access to Greenlight's Downloadable Outline Templates

Glassing Tool Kit

5 pair Latex Gloves

2 Resin Mixing Buckets

2 Resin Pumps

Resin Squeegee

(2) 4" Chip Brushes

1 Roll 1 1/2" Masking Tape

Resin Mixing Stick

1 sheet 60 Grit Sandpaper

2 Sheets 80 Grit Sandpaper

1 Sheet 120 Grit Sandpaper

1 Sheet 150 Grit Sandpaper

2 Sheets 220 Grit Sandpaper

Simple Glassing Rack Dimensioned Plans

*Complete Kit Price includes Large Shipping Box

Kits are shipped to your door with FedEX. 

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